Q – Why China? What’s it you have with China? China?  (and so on…)

A1 – Short answer: Hong Kong is the destination NOT the goal. It’s quite hard to travel there by bike without visiting other countries. Even if I could, I would not want it.

A2 – Longer answer: The answer is both childish and simplistic as it is clear. living in the Netherlands and wanting to travel, unrestricted by the earth’s geography (fancy word for ‘ocean’ and other hard-to-cycle places), China is the way to go. Also, this trip will take me from known to unknown, through developed, less developed and strongly developing countries each with distinctive forms of government and views towards sustainability issues. And not unimportantly, people. People with different world views, ways of life, traditions, religions and humor.

Q – Is that the bike you’re taking on you trip? (…points at random light-weigt carbon fiber racing bike, time trail bike or my trusty but rusty city bike)

A – sigh… uhm, no. Even if someone would build a nicely paved 30.000km cycling path, I would not take it. Seeing and experiencing other cultures means leaving the paved roads. Also, carrying clothes, sleeping gear, cooking gear, food, water and unnecessary things (which I’ll regret taking after a couple of days) requires a heavy duty bike. Start pointing at that one.

Q – How are you cycling back? Are you cycling back?

A – Sorry, it sounds lazy, but Hong Kong is the end station. I am flying back, CO2 neutral to be exact. More on this in the sustainability section (pending).

Q – How can we get/stay in contact?

A – I’ll post as much and as often as possible on this website (blog section). Don’t forget to check Twitter, Instagram and Facebook though.

Q – How can we help, support, assist?

A – The easiest way is to follow/like me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The donations section consists of financial and a mental support. Financial speaks for itself, I’ll be grateful for every euro, dollar, yen or (fill in currency) you might send me. On the mental support page you can post tips, tricks or advice for me to follow (or to blatantly ignore). Tips as: “I see you’re visiting (fill in country), my wive and I went there in the late 70’s, have you considered visiting (fill in location). Or: “Hey, I like what you’re doing, if you come across (fill in location) and you’re looking for a shower and some food from (fill in local cuisine)…”

Q – How can we hinder, impede, obstruct?

A – Post hurtful messages. Tell me that cycling is stupid. Tell the world, renewable energy is a waste of money/knowledge and coal/oil is the way to go! Make fun of my favourite bands.

Q – Why solo?

A – Personally I think travelling solo is the purest form of travelling. Being alone means everyone and everything you come across is new and unknown. Also, travelling solo forces you to get into contact with people. These interactions may be the result of the search for basic needs such as food, water and shelter, but they can lead to the absorption of ideas, culture and visions.

Q – Are you ready?

A – I was born ready! Well, not really. It took me some time to master the art of cycling.

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Haute cuisine, with custom wine glasses