Every 1000km a shower…

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

Sounds like a great deal to me. Strange, one of the many goals of this trip was to clear my head, to relax, a mental detox so to speak. Cycling 10+ hours a day is not the best way to achieve detoxation however. Yesterday, after cycling till way after dark, I fell asleep on a bench, completely exhausted, in the middele of nowhere, under a cloudless sky. In the morning, my sleeping bag, my clothes and my motivation were all completely soaked. In other words, time for a camping. I know, no one told me this wasn’t alowed, but campings simply do not sound very adventurous, especially while being greeted with a friendly “goedemiddag” (“afternoon”).

However, now I had time to:
– shower (I wasn’t able to make any new friends on a party, the way I smelled)
– reorganise my bags (“what if I put the thing I need five times a day NOT at the bottom?)
– wash my clothes (see ‘friends on a party’ section)
– eat, drink, take vitamins and rest.
– shower again (I missed those things)
– tune the bike
– check the route
– type this blog update
– charge my devices

Unfortunately the weather is changing. I’m so sorry sun for complaining about your hotness, I take It back. Please come back.

Today I’ll be heading towards Italy; being an espresso guy I’ll say, “warm up the espresso machine!”

Keep you posted…

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