Hot, hilly and organized countries.

Posted on Apr 22, 2015

After a couple of days on the road, my leather brooks saddle and my butt are becoming buddies (pun intended). So far, no flats, no blisters, no issues whatsoever. Just a few friendly honks by truckdrivers while cyclling on busy roads serving as shortcuts (honking means ‘we love you, please stay on this road forever you slow travelling tiny person’ doesn’t it?)

Currently I’m at a MacD on the border between Luxembourg and Germany (uhm, that one didn’t have wifi. No I’m near Saarlouis (Germany) after crossing one entire (tiny) country and visiting the beautiful but hilly capital city.

So far no spectacular views, finding and/or experiences. Mostly due to the fact that most of you can jump in a car, drive a couple of hours and shake my hand, no visa required. Luckilly I just washed them, some minutes ago I wouldn’t advise you to come near those things.

Also, packing my bags (all six of them, black), is becoming more of a routine job.
In the front: ‘left’ is ‘lasagne’, or, the ‘cooking bag’. ‘Right’ is ‘other’.
At the rear: ‘right’ is ‘rest’, or, the ‘sleeping’ bag. ‘Left’ is ‘other’.

At this moment I’m looking forward to the increasing contrast between the Netherlands and… wherever I am at the moment. Clean, prosperous, well organized and clean. In a couple of weeks, all these thing will have changed completely.

Keep you posted.


Bye flatlands...p

Bye flatlands…


Tim's kitchen

Tim’s kitchen


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