One bike, one pair of legs, zero emissions… Cycle Zero. It might be as simple as one guy’s dream to cycle eastward, or it might be be a bit more than that. Think of combining one’s insatiable appetite for adventure, deep found love for everything, I repeat, everything, even remotely related to bicycles, a scientific background in renewable energy, sustainability and physical geography and you might get where this is going. Add a spoonful of yearning to get in contact with other cultures, ways of life and ideas, and the medicine will go down… In the most delightful way.

Cycle Zero is a project larger me. It is an interactive format in which YOU can play an active role. During my journey east, I will cross highly technologically evolved countries, new candidate EU member states, traditional and conflict-ridden countries as well as booming economies and rapidly expanding cities. Each of them struggling with resources acquisition, (renewable) energy provision, waste management and the production and use of materials.

The main focus of Cycle Zero is not just one project specific research nor a reckless bike-adventure, its something in between, in which YOU can participate. How? Where? Why? When? Check the blog, twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’d use morse code, semaphore and smoke signals if I could, fortunately it’s 2015 and life is made easier for us… Thanks for reading, I’ll keep you posted.



25 countries, thousands of projects, an infinite amount of stories.
1. Netherlands (Utrecht) 2. Belgium 3. Luxembourg 4. France 5. Germany 6. Switzerland 7. Liechtenstein 8. Austria 9. Italy 10. Slovenia 11. Croatia 12. Bosnia and Herzegovina 13. Serbia 14. Montenegro 15. Albania 16. Macedonia 17. Greece 18. Bulgaria               19. Turkey 20. Iran 21. Turkmenistan  22. Uzbekistan 23. Kyrgyzstan 24. Tadzjikistan 25. China (Hong Kong)
Do you consider Kosovo a country?” No “Why not?” It’s complicated. “Kashmir?” Uhm, please don’t get me started. “… and Hong Kong?”  No,  it’s a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. “So, that’s a no?” Yes.



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